January Holiday Program


“As parents we see a huge improvement in Thomas’ abilities, technique & confidence with the intensive five days in a row holiday program. It always gives him a boost for the following term and means that he doesn’t forget what he has learnt previously, but if you ask Thomas he will say he loves it because he gets to meet new friends" - Jo, mum of Thomas

With such a long gap between Term 4 and Term 1 often we notice kids can take a few weeks to get back into the rhythm of their strokes. This is why we always encourage the Summer Holiday Program, it's a great way to jump start into Term 1!  

The Holiday Program is highly beneficial for your child to consolidate their skills learnt during the term. It can assist in excelling to the next level, mastering a particular skill or problem area such as breaststroke kick. Otherwise it can simply keep your child pro-active during the long school holidays!

Is your child turning 3 between December and February? The holiday program is perfect for children transitioning into Beginners from our infant aquatic classes. The daily repetition allows your child to get use to the new structure of our learn to swim program and also builds their confidence to swim without Mum or Dad in the water with them. By the time the term starts, there will be no more tears and you can then rest easy!

What are the dates? It will be running from Monday 14th to Friday 18th January.

What is the cost? $100 for the 5 lessons.

What time will the classes be running?
Classes will be running between 3pm - 5:30pm with all classes half an hour in duration.  

Are private  lessons available? Yes, we do offer private lessons during the Holiday Program. These classes are usually scheduled at either the start or end of the teacher's shift.

Will infant lessons be available? Yes, this holiday program we will be running an infant class at 3:15pm for infants between 1- 3 years old.

New customers welcome! Email us at info@klimswim.com to book in!